Te Aroha

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Submitting an event to our website is easy and is available to anyone wanting to advertise an event that is happening in the Te Aroha area.

Please note - for moderation purposes, all new events on our website are not automatically listed in our website calendars, but are checked for accuracy and relevance before being published. This approval process may take 2-3 working days (Monday - Friday). If there are any problems, we will notify you using the contact details provided with your event. 

Terms of this service

  • All events must have a location and a contact person/organisation. Any events submitted without these details will be discarded.
  • The event location may not be in Te Aroha, but must be relevant to our town in some way (i.e. be organised by a local club or charity) 
  • Any repeating events may only be listed for a maximum of six months. Events that repeat for a longer duration may be shortened to six months from the starting date.
  • By default, events can only be listed on our community events calendar. If your event is one that is notable for the town, call us (07 884 8052) to request that it be listed on our featured events calendar and/or displayed on our home page.

 You can either submit your event using the link below, or by viewing our community calendar and clicking on the date your event is going to occur on.

Click here to submit your event


Billboard Display for Events

Want to advertise your event on the Skidmore Reserve billboard? Download application form and details here.